2019 Photos

New Years Eve - PHOTOS, VIDEO
Family Feud Game Night - PHOTOS
Mardi Gras Party - PHOTOSFacebook 
Casino Night - PHOTOS
Annual Pot Luck and Boat Ride -Video 
Pickleball - PHOTOSVideo  
Spooktacular Halloween Party - PHOTOS, VIDEO,  Facebook

2018 Photos

Boomers Rock Annual Membership Meeting - Facebook
Mardi Gras Party - Facebook
Nine-N-Dine - Facebook
Spring Deck Party - Facebook

Balboa Full Moon Beach Party - Facebook
Studio Paradise Murder Mystery - Facebook
Annual Pot Luck and Boat Rides -  Facebook
Line Dancing Lessons - Facebook
Casino Murder Mystery - Facebook
Balboa Beach Party -  Facebook
Spoooktacular Halloween Party -  Facebook
Family Feud Game Night - Facebook
Ron Nead Memorial Scramble - Facebook
New Year's Eve Party - Facebook

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