2018 Photos

Boomers Rock Annual Membership Meeting, Ouachita Room, January 6 
Mardi Gras Party, Coronado Center, February 12 
Nine-N-Dine, Cortez Golf Course, March 11 
Trivia Night, Balboa Club, March 19
Spring Deck Party, Ponce de Leon in Mulligans, April 8 
Balboa Full Moon Beach Party, Lake Balboa Beach, April 30 
Studio Paradise Murder Mystery, Balboa Club, May 19 
Annual Pot Luck and Boat Rides, Balboa Pavilion, June 
Line Dancing Lessons, Townhouse Community Center, July 21
Casino Murder Mystery, Townhouse Community Center, August 25 
Nine-N-Dine, Cortez Golf Course, September 16 
Balboa Beach Party, Balboa Beach, October 3 
Spoooktacular Halloween Party, Coronado Community Center, October 31 
Family Feud Game Night, Townhouse Community Center, November 11 
Ron Nead Memorial Scramble, Isabella Golf Course, October 28 
New Year's Eve Party, Townhouse Community Center, December 31

2017 Photos

Boomers Rock Membership Meeting, Ouachita Room, January 14 
Mardi Gras, Coronado Center, February 25
St. Patrick's Day Party, March 18 
Full Moon Beach Party, April 11 
Fish Fry and Scavenger Hunt, Cortez Pavilion, April 29
Cinco de Mayo Party, May 5
Potluck Dinner, Cortez Pavilion, June 24
Wine and Dine, Coronado Center Patio, August 6
Boomers Nine and Dine, Isabella Golf Course, August 13
3rd Annual Mini-Golf Tournament, Mini-Golf Course, September 17
Fall Beach Party, Balboa Beach, October 3
Murder Mystery Dinner, Woodlands Stage, October 21
Family Feud Game Night, DeSoto Family Games Center, November 12
New Year's Eve Party, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, December 31

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